Clark Schaefer

Operational Excellence

The quest for productivity has driven the modernization of today’s industrial and professional work force. 

Operational excellence is the art and science of empowering people to drive continuous improvement across all aspects of your organization. This workforce engagement creates a virtuous cycle of cultural growth and unlocks company profitability.

Operational Excellence Solutions

Business Process Optimization

How your Teams can see the Current State of Your Business and Drive Toward a Better Future

  • Are your employees aware of their role in creating value for customers? 

  • Are they able to see waste and defects with the power to solve problems?

Change Agency

The Art of Organizational Influence and the Science of Alignment to Target Outcomes


Our familiarity with benchmark frameworks like quality systems, change acceleration, and problem solving, enable us to collaborate with teams and explore how the current and future states of the business are being communicated. 

Front Line Leadership

Fundamental Skill Deployment for Supervisors that Aligns Behaviors Across Key Leadership Competencies

  • People competencies. 

  • Process competencies. 

  • Performance competencies.

Project/Program Management

Ensure the Right Projects are Driving your Operating Plan Toward your Strategic Horizon


The costs of switching resources between projects and the opportunity costs of doing the wrong projects often outweigh the more obvious actual costs of executing existing projects poorly. 

Data Analytics

Empower progress and harness the power of information.


In today's data-driven world, staying competitive means harnessing the power of information. From data collection and cleansing to data warehousing and visualization, we provide end-to-end development and support tailored to your unique business needs.