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A single data breach can cost companies millions and tarnish their reputation, rendering cybersecurity a necessity.

Cyber threats are an ever-present risk, affecting organizations both big and small. Clark Schaefer Consulting specializes in providing top-notch, enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions designed to protect your critical business data and digital assets. 

At Clark Schaefer Consulting, we don’t just sell you a cookie-cutter solution. We partner with you, assess your vulnerabilities, and create a customized cybersecurity solution that aligns with your needs. Our solutions aren't just about ticking off checkboxes; they're about providing you with long-term security and peace of mind. 

Cybersecurity Solutions

Security Assessments

To stay ahead of evolving threats, you need more than just surface-level security.


We deliver a holistic assessment approach to uncover hidden vulnerabilities across your organization's digital and physical environments. 

Framework Assessments

Elevating Your Cybersecurity Posture Through Assessment


In an era where cyber-attacks are an everyday occurrence, safeguarding your business has never been more crucial.

SOC Reports & Certifications

Achieve Excellence and Earn Trust with Our SOC Reporting and Certification Services


In today's competitive business landscape, credibility and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of success.

Third Party Risk Management

Are Your Third-Party Relationships Secure and Compliant?


Our third-party risk management solutions empower you to navigate the complex landscape of vendor relationships with confidence and peace of mind.  

IT & Security Policies and Procedures

Provide Clear Guidelines for Risk Mitigation


We understand that documentation tends to fall to the bottom of the priority list, but sound IT and security policies and procedures are essential for safeguarding an organization's assets, maintaining compliance, managing risk, and fostering a culture of security.

Response and Recovery

How Ready Are You?


The cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, making preparation essential. Collaboration with CSC equips organizations with custom-tailored incident response plans.

IT Audit and Risk Assessment

Uncover Hidden Risks with Comprehensive IT Audits and Risk Assessments


We understand that managing complex IT systems is becoming increasingly challenging for organizations

Co-Sourcing/Staff Augmentation

Is a shared talent model right for you?


Our team of highly qualified professionals will provide you with greater quality and value due to our expertise, integrity, and inarguable business acumen.

Security and Privacy Compliance

Mastering Security and Privacy Compliance: Your Pathway to Peace of Mind


Embrace the future of security and privacy with a partner you can trust.

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