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IT Audit and Risk Assessment

IT Audit and Risk Assessment

We understand that managing complex IT systems is becoming increasingly challenging for organizations. Conducting regular IT risk assessments and/or audits is essential to identify potential risks, ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards, and optimize IT operations. 

Many organizations struggle with the time, resources, and expertise required to conduct assessments and audits internally.

That's where Clark Schaefer Consulting comes in. We can help with the following: 

IT Audit Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT audits to a third-party service provider can bring many benefits to organizations. By leveraging the expertise of a specialized team of IT auditors, organizations can reduce the workload on their internal IT staff, minimize the risk of potential conflicts of interest, and improve the quality of audit reports.  

IT Audit Co-sourcing

Co-sourcing is a hybrid model that combines the strengths of internal IT staff with the expertise of an external IT audit team. This approach enables organizations to maintain control over the audit process while leveraging the specialized skills of external auditors. Our co-sourcing service provides a flexible and scalable approach to IT audits, allowing organizations to: 

  • Augment their internal IT audit team with external expertise 

  • Focus on strategic IT initiatives while outsourcing routine audit tasks 

  • Maintain control over the audit process while leveraging external resources

  • Benefit from the best practices and industry knowledge of external auditors 

IT Risk Assessment

Regularly conducting an IT risk assessment is important for organizations of all sizes for a variety of reasons: to inform the internal audit plan, to understand threats, vulnerabilities, and high-risk areas, to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, and/or to contribute to the larger enterprise risk management program.

Our IT audit risk assessment services provide a comprehensive and flexible approach, enabling organizations to achieve their goals while minimizing the burden on their internal staff. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization. 



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