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Documentation & Governance

Documentation & Governance

Documentation and governance provide a framework for responsible decision-making, transparency, and accountability.

Having your policies, procedures, and standards in order helps organizations and systems function efficiently, manage risk, and sustain operations while ensuring ethical conduct and protecting the interests of stakeholders.

All areas within an organization – whether it’s accounting, information technology, information security, or internal audit – require governance, policies, and procedures. Additionally, documentation and governance are essential for processes or programs that span across an entire enterprise. The team at Clark Schaefer Consulting can assist with the following related to your documentation and governance needs: 

Documentation & Governance Solutions

Accounting Policies and Procedures

Gain Clarity When Executing Accounting Tasks and Activities


Policy and procedure documentation serve as indispensable guides, providing clear directions on how to execute tasks and activities.

IT & Security Policies and Procedures

Provide Clear Guidelines for Risk Mitigation


We understand that documentation tends to fall to the bottom of the priority list, but sound IT and security policies and procedures are essential for safeguarding an organization's assets, maintaining compliance, managing risk, and fostering a culture of security.

Data Governance

Unlock the Power of Your Data with Data Governance


Our comprehensive data governance solutions are designed to assist organizations at any stage of their data governance journey.

Internal Audit Policies and Procedures

Ensure Consistency and Quality with Internal Audit Policies and Procedures

  • Why are Internal Audit Policies and Procedures Important?

  • Risk Mitigation and Management

  • Improved Efficiency and Consistency

  • Continuous Improvement

Response and Recovery

How Ready Are You?


The cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, making preparation essential. Collaboration with CSC equips organizations with custom-tailored incident response plans.