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Co-Sourcing/Staff Augmentation

Co-Sourcing/Staff Augmentation

The most successful companies have talented teams.

However, often, our clients find themselves short-staffed because those team members are being pulled into other initiatives or there simply aren't enough hands on deck. 

How CSC can generate a greater value for you 

Quality: Our team of highly qualified professionals will provide you with greater quality and value due to our expertise, integrity, and inarguable business acumen.

Timeline & Budget Management: Employees from staffing agencies are incentivized to log more hours and keep the project going. Our consultants offer deliverables-based models that align with our client's goals and are incentivized to complete the project on-time and within the defined budget. 

Specialized Resources: Temporary employees are only as good as what they know. Our consultants have years of experience specific to what the client needs. In addition to their skills and best practices, our team also has access to the firm's entire tool chest of resources. 

Commitment: If a temporary employee fails to perform their job or leaves to take a permanent position prior to the project's completion, you must hire and re-train additional staff. Our consultants are full-time employees who are committed to your needs and see the project through. In the past, staffing firms were the only alternative. Today, there’s a better option for decision makers. 

Our Shared Talent Model is the perfect solution for your needs. 

  • Month-end Close 

  • Reconciliations 

  • Financial Reporting 

  • Documentation & Governance 

  • Internal Audit 

  • 3rd Party Risk Management 

  • Control Testing 

  • Compliance 

Clark Schaefer Consulting is committed to meeting both your temporary and long-term needs through our co-sourcing and staff augmentation arrangements. Our mission is to apply the experience and expertise of our team to address your complex needs.