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Framework Assessments

Framework Assessments

In an era where cyber-attacks are an everyday occurrence, safeguarding your business has never been more crucial.

Conducting a framework assessment with Clark Schaefer Consulting provides a robust, multi-layered defense against escalating cyber risks. Our assessments offer more than compliance checks; we deliver actionable insights and help to fortify your cybersecurity posture. We offer you a suite of adaptable cybersecurity assessment services, designed to meet your specific industry requirements and compliance standards.

Here's how our collaborative approach can benefit you: 

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessments 

  • NIST CSF: A comprehensive audit of your cybersecurity protocols, featuring detailed gap analyses and practical remediation strategies. 

ISO 27001/2 Security Assessments

  • ISO 27001/2: Prepare for ISO 27001/2 certification and align your operations with international best practices in information security management. 

Industry-Specific Cybersecurity Assessments 

  • PCI DSS: Protect sensitive payment card information and achieve full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. 

  • HITRUST: Custom-tailored assessments that meet the unique regulatory requirements of the healthcare sector. 

Customized Cybersecurity Frameworks 

  • Custom Frameworks: Receive assessments that align with your specific sector's guidelines and internal frameworks. 

Why Partner with Clark Schaefer Consulting?

Clark Schaefer Consulting augments your services with personalized consulting solutions to address your unique challenges. Leverage strategic planning, risk management, and cybersecurity expertise to achieve a higher level of security resilience.  When you partner with us, you'll receive:

Strategic Cybersecurity Roadmaps

Obtain a clear, actionable plan for immediate and long-term cybersecurity improvements.

Tailored Solutions

Benefit from customized strategies developed jointly by Framework Assessments and Clark Schaefer Consulting.

Expert Guidance

Secure ongoing expert consultancy, ensuring you are at the forefront of cybersecurity resilience.

When you collaborate with Clark Schaefer Consulting, you gain a comprehensive, tailored strategy to enhance your cybersecurity measures and mitigate vulnerabilities according to industry best practices.



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