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  Front Line Leadership

Front Line Leadership

How many times have you promoted an individual contributor or excellent operator to a leadership role and seen frustration within the new leader as well as the team? How often do you hear that your teams can’t take on any more initiatives because they’re completely swamped and struggling to support the current state? 

Front line leadership is a 2-day classroom-based developmental exercise with structured follow-up and coaching that builds the behaviors and mindset of a supervisor who can lead and empower a strong team.

Focusing on nine competencies thematically aligned with people, process, and performance, front line leadership courses have been repeatedly deployed across our client base for years. By focusing this developmental effort on supervisors with the immediate expectation of application, these competencies will be retained by your management and become the backbone of a fundamental operating culture. 

  • People competencies: Trust, recognition and development are important to support your leaders in the creation of a strong team of future leaders. 

  • Process competencies: Safety, daily huddles, and continuous improvement equip your leaders with the tools to most productively engage with their teams. 

  • Performance competencies: High standards, empowerment, and confidence ensure your teams can work efficiently “in” the business keeping the lights on, while your developing front-line leaders can focus more of their time working “on” the business making things better.

  • Lean Fundamentals

  • Production Simulations

  • Data & Analytics

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

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