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How to end the headaches of SLFRF reporting

How to end the headaches of SLFRF reporting

The rundown
  • We heard from our clients that this issue was causing a big headache for reporting purposes.

There are a lot of challenges surrounding the reporting of the State and Local Fiscal Relief Funds (SLFRF) received as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The various entities who received funds from you likely have vastly different methods of tracking how the funds were used. They may not even know what information is required from them to meet the federal reporting requirements. But the Treasury places the burden of ensuring that the correct information is collected and reported on government entities like you.

Our clients indicated that gathering the required information for SLFRF reporting is a time consuming and often frustrating process.

So, we asked a few questions:

  • Is there a way to streamline this process?

  • How can we use technology to make the process more efficient and less difficult?

  • Can a step-by-step guided process solve the predicament?

Using those questions as a guide, we worked closely with input from city and county governments to create a solution – the ARPA Portal by Clark Schaefer Consulting.

Our Technology Activation team developed a turnkey solution to the challenges of reporting the funds received as part of ARPA. Our web-based application allows for quick and easy implementation so you can begin saving time and money right away. 

How does it work?

  • The ARPA Portal allows you to enroll recipients via email with one link. After completing registration, fund recipients are guided through the step-by-step reporting process for their SLFRF expenditures. The portal automatically asks for the required information for federal reporting purposes, removing any guess work.  

  • The ARPA Portal utilizes intuitive dashboards that keep all your recipients and fund allocations available at a glance. All recipients are listed along with their contact information creating a handy database. The details of each funding allocation can be custom coded to match your organization’s existing system of tracking making integration simple.  

  • The ARPA Portal eliminates the need for creating your quarterly reports manually and keeps you in compliance with very little effort. When it comes time to submit your quarterly report you can build it with only a few clicks. You have on demand access to a detailed report of all your fund allocations that includes all the information required by federal guidelines. You simply need to upload the report to the Treasury website, and you are done! 

Worried about the cost of another new software? You can use a portion of your SLFRF to pay it. 

If you are ready to end the headaches of SLFRF reporting contact us today and get started using the ARPA Portal by Clark Schaefer Consulting. 

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