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While SOX, J-SOX and MAR represent large compliance undertakings, our experts are equipped to jump in and make an impact on your controls or testing needs. Our professionals come from public accounting or internal audit backgrounds, and maintain CPA, CIA, CFE or CISA licenses which position us perfectly to advise upon and test your controls. 

Whether your organization has a well-established and mature SOX, J-SOX or MAR environment, or is working to become compliant with these requirements, we have you covered. Clark Schaefer Consulting can assist with the following: 

Assessing Internal Controls: Help a company assess its internal controls over financial reporting to determine whether they meet the necessary requirements. This assessment may involve reviewing documentation, interviewing key personnel, and performing testing procedures. 

Implementation: Assist in developing a clear path to compliance. Our experts can leverage our extensive risk and controls experience to develop risk and controls matrices, develop maturity models and timelines and to validate the design of proposed controls. We can do all of the legwork required to set your management team up for success. 

Developing a Compliance Program: Assist a company in developing compliance programs, which includes policies, procedures, and controls to ensure compliance with the law. This may involve designing and implementing control activities, such as segregation of duties, access controls, and monitoring procedures. 

Conducting Training: Provide training to employees on requirements, including the importance of internal controls, the certification process, and the consequences of non-compliance. 

Performing Audits: Conduct audits on behalf of a company to assess the effectiveness of its internal controls over financial reporting on either a co-sourced or out-sourced basis. These audits may include testing of controls, documentation review, and reporting of findings to management. 

Providing Ongoing Support: Provide ongoing support to a company to ensure ongoing compliance. This may include updating policies and procedures, monitoring changes in the regulatory environment, and providing guidance on emerging risks. 

Clark Schaefer Consulting can provide a wide range of services to help a company achieve and maintain compliance with SOX, J-SOX or MAR requirements.

By leveraging the expertise and resources of our team, a company can reduce the risk of non-compliance and protect itself from potential penalties and reputational harm. 

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