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Your CMMC Journey: Navigating Discovery and Assessment

Your CMMC Journey: Navigating Discovery and Assessment

Please note: CPE was only available for the live version of this webinar. It is not available for webinars on demand.

Watch our second webinar on CMMC, focused on your first step with CMMC –Discovery & Assessment. Gain exclusive insights from CSC advisors Ross Patz and Serge Kikonda, with Carly Devlin moderating. This session promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of CMMC compliance.

What you'll learn:

  1. Scope Determination: Define the boundaries of your CMMC efforts.

  2. Policies & Procedures: Establish a solid foundation for compliance.

  3. Control Identification: Recognize and leverage existing controls.

  4. Alliance Building: Learn who can support your CMMC journey.

  5. Gap Analysis: Pinpoint vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

  6. Preparation for Remediation: Essential steps for moving forward. 

This webinar is not just an information session; it's a strategic guide to propel you towards successful CMMC compliance. 

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Expert Contributors

Carly Devlin

Shareholder, Chief Information Security Officer
We're always excited to address challenges for our clients and to bring the best solutions for their situation to the table.

Ross Patz

Ross's leadership and expertise empower our teams to deliver exceptional results and our clients to navigate the complex landscape of IT risk and cybersecurity with confidence.  
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